This is a website. It has my stuff on it. Enjoy :)

Well, since you're here, check out my YouTube channel? There's not much there, but I might think about adding more stuff in the future. Channel. Also, add me on Steam or Discord! My discord is sheehyheshe#5887 and my steam is here.

I'm aiming to improve my writing skills, so feedback would be appreciated! You can contact me via my Instagram here or my Twitter (Which I dont check as often BTW.) Twitter.

These are the first snippets of one of my stories I'm hoping to work on:

I've based it in the Fallout universe, and it's nothing special yet, but some things I could work on might be:

Please let me know what you think of it so far! I understand it's obviously not perfect (yet, haha) but I do really want to improve.

28.10.19 Update: I've finished the first chapter, still probably rough, but again, let me know what you all think! Chapter 1